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Bakehouse success on the rise as expansion plans are announced

By 30th May 2017 June 7th, 2017 2 Comments
Plans for expansion of Bake House

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  • Roy Perring says:

    Hi, good news to hear that you are opening a second Cafe in Plymouth within Ocean Studios. Just wondering however if the exhibition gallery will remain. Undoubtedly the cafe will attract more footfall to that corner of the yard that could hopefully be attracted to the exhibitions. I’ve dropped in on numerous occasions and sadly the space hasn’t been supported as much as I feel it should have been. Good luck with your endeavours.

    • Alexandra Lally says:

      Hi Roy,

      Thanks for your kind comment! I can assure you that the exhibition gallery will remain and we plan to continue using it to put on exhibitions for the foreseeable future.

      A huge part of what RIO does is based around supporting the arts, and arts organisations, so like you, we hope that taking the Bakehouse to Ocean Studios will attract more people to look at the sort of art that Plymouth has on offer.

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