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All about Our Way Art

By 4th July 2014 No Comments

The Plymstock Art Show … A big sensation in the world of art!

Thank you to all those who came to the 2014 show that took place on Wednesday 25th July. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! We saw a record attendance of over 300 visitors and Plymstock School are now quickly establishing themselves as one of the most exciting platforms that share and promote young artistic talent. The Art Show promised to be a radically different event from those of years gone by, and it certainly was just that!

Redefining the Private View was part of the Art Our Way initiative. Art Our Way are members of the Our Way family of social enterprises based at Plymstock School, all designed, developed and young person led. Art Our Way are passionate about Art: making Art, promoting Art, experiencing Art, and sharing Art. Their purpose was born from their passion for culture, the arts and the talent of their Plymstock Pupils.

Art Our Way know that they have a very unique opportunity to engage with those that wouldn’t normally engage with art. Using the school as a platform enables Art Our Way to speak a language that cuts across cultural, educational and economic barriers. It’s a safe place to enhance cultural appreciation and awareness of the things that really matter – young Plymstock talent.

Their purpose is to support, encourage and build confidence, whilst at the same time creating opportunities for Plymstock pupils.

There were three clear areas of Our Way threaded through the event;

Their ‘Food Makers Challenge’ – their way of saying that ‘Art’ is just an expression or application of our personality and imagination. With a well-equipped food bar, hundreds of people were able to create wonderful food that tasted great and looked sensational!

They had an Art Our Way Pop Up Shop, with exclusive t-shirts and bags designed by Alex Quirke, an example of what they hope to create in the future of Our Way Art. There is no greater feeling than to have your art being worn, used or enjoyed. They want this to be possible for all Plymstock pupils.

As well as the usual stunning array of artwork created by Plymstock sixth form artists and photographers, there was artwork submitted from the rest of the school too this year, sensational art pieces made by students in their lessons from Year 7 to Year 11. For the first time we also saw an Art Wall dedicated to the work students had made on their own, at home, in their own time, inspired by what they thought was important. The pin-board is there to provide opportunities for self-expression, bringing all students the opportunity to give their version of what art and creativity looks like to them individually.

Daisy Dow explains “Our ‘Our Way Art’ pin-board gives students the freedom to display their own artwork. Work they choose, without the constraints of assessments and assignments. We wanted to share the talent that happens when there is a freedom to choose, to express and to be true to our own creativity. We were so shocked by the amount of work that was submitted; creations that were done at home, in bedrooms and even in the garden. It was amazing!”

The event was not only a unique offering of rich, fresh talent, but because it was designed and delivered by the young talent, there was a radical shift in the feel and energy surrounding the show.

George Bewley, Our Way student, said, “We wanted to create an event that said more about the artists and their story, and not just the piece of art that is exhibited. As an A Level student, that really matters to me. The Art Show happens every year for moderation, and parents can come in and see the work too. This year was very different. We had people from the art industry and galleries as well as local business leaders, to share with them how we saw the future of art. We also wanted to show them how they could play an instrumental role in the development of young talent and the exciting opportunities that this collaboration could unlock.”

Sincere thanks to all who joined our event and to our wonderful sponsors and partners –thanks for supporting an art movement that is set to transform the future.

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