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‘A Driven Force’ – Young people inspiring excellence

By 23rd February 2015 No Comments

In this ground-breaking project, two different sectors are fused together with the help of some inspirational young people. The challenge was to develop an innovation-driven service that improves the way teenagers and young adults with cancer receive care at Derriford Hospital. Meeting for the second time earlier in the year, the group explored, with RIO’s support, their challenge, identity and vision for a new and improved service.

Giving them the space to develop their capacities to become innovators took no time at all! By nurturing their creativity and sparking their imagination, their deep-seated interests, their tight bond and deep rooted purpose blossomed. The session was full of play, passion, and purpose: the forces that we have found to drive young innovators!

Through collaboration, problem-solving and intrinsic motivation, the group has already secured a vision that they feel will provide a richer and more improved service at Derriford. The result is something that Derriford could not have imagined so early in the process: a provocative and inspiring manifesto that will change how they care and provide for teenagers and young people with cancer in Plymouth.

Their name is ‘A Driven Force’, and their slogan is ‘Creating the best through our differences’ – a name which indeed inspires excellence.

Watch this space for more news from the change makers of tomorrow.

Written by Elinor Eaton, RIO Schools Consultant

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