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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford.

A Driven Force are working together, focused on a common goal, and have already noticed that doing little things really can make a huge difference. Having met only a handful of times, the group have come together to form a formidable team. They are successfully unlocking investment and making plans to improve the service at Derriford Hospital for teenagers and young adults with cancer. Scroll down to meet the individuals behind the team.

Let’s meet the individuals behind the team…

Nicole Mackey

nicole mackey

My name is Nicole Mackey and I was bought up in Abinger Hammer, a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Surrey, therefore when I decided to go to university, the lively youthful city of Plymouth appealed to me. I am studying Graphic Communication with Typography, as I love solving problems in an imaginative and interesting way through design. Whilst at university I participated in a range of volunteer projects, as I am truly passionate about helping people and making a difference.

As a Graphic Communication student the opportunity to communicate, work as part of a team and solve a problem such as ‘how can we improve the services for young people at Derriford Hospital naturally appealed to me, and on top of this, the project is something I feel passionate about. Working alongside RIO and in a group of like-minded people was an opportunity I did not want to miss out on and although we have only been working together for a few months I have loved every minute of it. I hope that A Driven Force will not only help the people of Derriford Hospital but also go much further, helping young people in hospitals across the country and beyond.

From the project I hope to gain experience in a new social enterprise, which is helping to make a real difference to young people with cancer.

“Working as part of A Driven Force is great. The people I have met are all really enthusiastic, driven and completely committed to making a difference. The support provided by RIO and Derriford Hospital is outstanding and I already feel that as a team we are going to make a real difference to young people with cancer at Derriford Hospital and hopefully beyond.”

Polly Hill

polly hill

My name is Polly Hill, and I am a student at Plymouth University.

Having grown up in Suffolk I decided to come to Plymouth to study Graphic Communication as I was excited by the idea of living in a brand new city environment, which wasn’t too big.

I was truly inspired by the idea of working with RIO and in a group committed to helping young people with cancer at Derriford Hospital. As part of this, the opportunity to work in a team also really appealed to me as it provided me with the experience to work along side other like-minded people and has helped introduce me to the working environment.

I am very passionate about helping improve the overall experience for not only teenagers and young adults with cancer but also their families, friends and other supporters. I hope A Driven Force can influence other hospitals to take on board our design, and that the result of this project will further help communities outside the local Derriford Hospital.

I am already enjoying meeting a variety of people from different backgrounds and professions; it is providing me with a great opportunity to work with an enthusiastic and energetic group, who are all very passionate about the project. By doing this I feel my ability to design and problem solve will improve through this real life experience.

“It’s great working with RIO and contributing to A Driven Force, who are an enthusiastic and diverse group of young people. I love that everyone is passionate and committed to helping make a positive difference for teenagers and young adults with cancer at Derriford Hospital.”

Ayo Sokale

ayo sokale

My name is Ayo Sokale. I am 22 years old and studying for my MEng in Civil and Coastal Engineering at Plymouth University. I am passionate about charities, social enterprise, sports, singing, beauty pageants and making people around me smile.

I study in Plymouth. My home is Eastbourne, Sussex and my family is originally from Nigeria.

I did not choose to be part of A Driven Force. To take part suggests a choice and when I originally heard about the project, there was no choice, it was an immediate yes and the shift to incorporate it to my university timetable happened, and life felt natural.I did not choose to be part of A Driven Force. To take part suggests a choice and when I originally heard about the project, there was no choice, it was an immediate yes and the shift to incorporate it to my university timetable happened, and life felt natural.

Through my involvement in the Derriford Teen Cancer project and being a part of the most amazing group of people I have ever met is to create a better service for young people who have to go through the life-changing experience that is cancer. I hope even in a little way, ‘I, And We’ will be able to lighten the burden and create a positive from the negative – a community of support for the young people, and an age-appropriate space.

I love to make people’s lives better, from a smile to a helpful deed. This project enables me to do this and meet this need in myself. A Driven Force is a family of different equal-minded people striving to make a difference to the world around us. It’s a project like no other where I found a home and a family with an amazing group of people.

Sivani Inparaj

sivani inparaj

I am Sivani Inparaj, a Year 12 student at Devonport High School for Boys. I am involved in this project in order to improve my teamwork skills and more importantly to help make a difference in many teenagers’ lives.

A Driven Force clearly aims to enhance the quality of the lives of teenagers and young adults undergoing cancer treatment. I believe it is very important for these people to have access to any services that they require. Through participating in A Driven Force, I am sure that we can together improve services offered though our differences. Working with people of different age groups and backgrounds really aids collaborative working skills as you can share and evaluate ideas. It helps to build confidence and allows you to think from different perspectives.

As an aspiring doctor, A Driven Force allows me to gain the necessary skills such as empathy, working under pressure and dealing with emotional issues in a professional manner. This project not only focuses on social enterprise but it deals with research and medical aspects such as speaking to healthcare professionals and patients which is something that interests me.

Sophie Pearson

sophie pearson

My name is Sophie Pearson. I am 17 years old and I am currently studying A Levels at Plymouth High. I spend my free time sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving when I am not working at the local rugby club. I like to spend most of my leisure time outside; mainly at the beach with my family and friends or generally anything outdoors.

I am originally from North Lincolnshire but I moved to Tavistock when I was 7 and have lived here ever since.

I am a part of this project as I would like to make a positive change in my local area and leave a lasting legacy that will further improve the care of patients and young people. I hope to achieve a space that will allow patients to feel relaxed and able to be themselves whilst dealing with and beating their cancer.

Vikram Thirupathirajan

vikram ar

My name is Vikram A.R Thirupathirajan. I am in Year 12 at Devonport High School for Boys, currently doing A Levels and aspiring to be a doctor. Cancer is currently a worldwide concerning issue and the stress of undergoing cancer treatment is even more so. Teenagers and young adults are the age group best for socialising with others, and to think that they undergo cancer treatment at that age is simply heartbreaking.

I have therefore become a part of A Driven Force to help these teenagers and young adults that are undergoing cancer treatment to get through the period as comfortably and as stress-free as possible, offering the best to these people. This positive and all-good motive itself has enticed me to work for A Driven Force and contribute towards the improvement of the current service for teenagers and young adults.

By working for A Driven Force, I hope to contribute to my local community, by offering the best possible service, which in turn gives me satisfaction. Also, cancer is something that is open to huge medical discussion. As an aspiring medic, working for A Driven Force will help me improve my knowledge of cancer, further with regards to the treatment of it.

“Teenagers and young adults deserve better than cancer.”

Elisha Searl

elisha searl

I’m Elisha Searl and I am 22 years old. I am a volunteer representative for the charity, CLIC Sargent. I spend most of my free time volunteering for charities, swimming, spending time with family and friends or writing my blog. I started blogging after being diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and am very passionate about my blog and raising awareness of cancer in young adults.

When I heard about working with RIO with the aim to help improve cancer services for young people, I was instantly interested and it was something I could not turn down. I am extremely passionate about cancer care for patients and am very familiar with the current care that is available. This has driven me to make a change!

I am also very determined to raise as much awareness of A Driven Force as we are a very passionate and dedicated team, trying to make a difference in something very important. Being part of the project has helped me regain confidence and meet a variety of friendly people.

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