We believe social enterprise can change the world, improving people's life chances as well as the places that they live, work and play and the organisations they engage with.

In 2013 we started on a journey to track more effectively the social impact that we deliver as an organisation. Working with a process called the Transformational Index, we developed our own theory of change and a framework to help us capture the impact we are creating.

Designed to focus on the things we as an organisation really care about - like creating jobs, supporting new enterprises to grow and develop, helping people gain new skills and making sure that when people work with us at RIO they have a fun, positive experience - our Social Impact Framework tracks:

  • Constructive Disruption - are we solving problems for the people and organisations we work with? Download 2014/15 impact results
  • Tangibility - are we making a real difference and supporting projects and organisations to generate direct and indirect turnover? Download 2014/15 impact results
  • Empowerment (individual and collective) - are we making a lasting difference to the individuals and organisations that we work with? Download 2014/15 individual empowerment results also Download 2014/15 collective empowerment results
  • Fun - do people have a positive experience working with us? Download 2014/15 impact results
  • Holism - where a range of our work is concentrated in particular places and contexts, does it add up to more than the sum of its parts?
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    If you're an organisation interested in how to track and communicate your social impact then talk to us about how we can help through our Social Impact consultancy services.

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